Oral abstract presenters

Instructions for presenters of Oral abstract sessions

All Oral abstracts will be presented in parallel 60 minutes sessions with 5 presenters in each session. Each session will be lead by a Chairperson.

Oral presentations are to be a maximum of 10 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of discussion.

In order to ensure a smooth course during the sessions, we kindly ask presenting authors to consider the following:

Session chairs have been instructed to rigorously enforce the schedule, i.e., to strictly limit the length of a presentation. We kindly ask for your understanding and for your cooperation in keeping the schedule.

When preparing your presentation, it is also important that you test the length of the presentation so that it does not exceed the time you have available. We do not have the opportunity to change the program and the times, we will end the session on time.

Practical information about the platform/session

Lecturers and Chairs will present and participate Live via Zoom for your session.

The participants, on the other hand, will watch the congress via the digital congress platform OnAIR, where they also have the opportunity to ask questions Participants will not be seen with image or sound.

When you are not lecturing or are a chair, you watch other programs via OnAIR and are logged out of zoom. You get a separate login to OnAIR.


  • Make sure your presentation does not exceed the time available to you
  • Print out your presentation if you want to see notes or the next slide

How do I participate?

  • Shut down all other programs on your computer and keep only Zoom running
  • You should NOT be logged in to the congress platform OnAIR during your zoom meeting
  • Log in to the zoom link 15 minutes before the session starts (the link will be sent to you via email on July 25th)
  • The chairperson and technicians will be in the virtual studio and talk to you via zoom when you check in
  • You will participate with video and audio
  • You will be seen in the picture together with your presentation

Things to think about

  • Make sure you sit in a quiet place with good light so that you are visible without shadows or anything else that disturbs. Keep the light towards you, not from behind.
  • Feel free to use a microphone other than the one built into your computer, such as a mobile headset
  • Technicians will match sound, light and image with you before you are posted live
  • When you are LIVE – Talk into the camera on the computer – then it will be the best experience for those who watch
  • Do not drink coffee/eat food during the session

How do the participants ask questions?

  • Participants ask written questions via the congress platform OnAIR
  • The chairperson reads the questions and selects those that you can answer if there is time after your presentation (you as a presenter do NOT have to read the questions from the delegates)

Technical instructions

You will on the 25th of July get an email with a Zoom link for you to connect to when holding your presentation. The link is personal so do not share it with anyone. Your presentation will be live, and you need to use both camera and sound from your own computer. If you want to have for example a PowerPoint to support your speech, then you share your own screen as in a digital meeting.

We want you to connect 15 minutes before your session starts so that we can make sure that everything works according to plan.

Things for you to prepare at home before starting the presentation

  • Good light pointing towards your face, lamp or natural light from a window.
  • Raise your webcam. Put some books under your laptop or use a laptop stand so that the camera is strait in front of you.
  • Use a headset with a microphone to prevent unwanted noise.
  • Have a good internet connection.

If you feel the need to test run your technical set up and presentation, you can book an appointment by emailing zoom@lundstromevent.se. You will then be contacted by our technician who will set up an appointment for your test. The tests will be held the 15th and 16th of July between 9.00 and 16.00 CEST.

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