”We are very pleased to announce several scientific debates as part of the conference scientific program, pertaining to controversial topics in biomechanics research. Each debate will be 60 minutes, with speakers posing differing views on a topic, and a moderator to lead the discussion and take questions from the audience. All debates will be streamed live according to the conference program.

There may be more debates announced. Please check back again for updated information. Titles are preliminary.”

Debate: Determining synergistic muscular force sharing (Specific title to be determined)

Moderator: preliminarily Lanie Gutierrez-Farewik, KTH (Sweden)


  • Ton van den Bogert, Cleveland State University (USA) – (experimental and theoretical)
  • Friedl de Groote, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) – (theoretical)
  • Walter Herzog, University of Calgary (Canada) – (experimental)

Debate: Peer review in science

Moderator: TBD


  • Walter Herzog, University of Calgary (Canada) – (experimental)
  • Benno Nigg, University of Calgary (Canada)

Debate: Biorobotics — How Biology will inform the next-gen machines

Question: “Do we need to be biologically faithful to do useful biorobotics?”

Moderator: Francisco Valero-Cuevas


  • Auke Ijspeert, EFPL (Switzerland)
  • Yulia Sandamirskaya, University of Zurich and ETH (Switzerland)
  • Francisco Valero-Cuevas, University of Southern Californa (USA)

Debate: Incorporating neuromusculoskeletal models in clinical practice (Specific title to be determined

Moderator: Ilse Jonkers, KU Leuven (Belgium)

Speaker: TBD

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