Poster presenters

Important Information for Poster Presenters

Facilitating good scientific exchange for digital ISB poster presentation has been a major challenge.  We welcome your creativity in presenting your poster! In short, you must prepare a standard poster, and you may upload a short lightning talk.

A poster gallery will be available in the OnAir platform, each poster presenter will be asked to;

1) Required upload:

A 1-page PDF file with your poster in landscape format, so that it’s comfortable to view on a screen.  This should look like a ‘normal’ poster

2) Optional but highly recommended:

You may pre-record and upload a video file with a ‘Lightning talk’, i.e., a brief presentation, (please note that the video needs to be uploaded via a streaming service such as Vimeo or YouTube – see instruction videos here YouTube  Vimeo)

Guidelines are as follows:

  • Max 3 minutes
  • You may use slides but we recommend no more than 3-4.  For instance, Title slide, study motivation + objectives, methods + results, discussion + conclusions
  • Get to your point quickly
  • Focus on one single idea, max 2
  • Have a strong hook – you need to grab the audience’s attention quickly
  • Don’t get bogged down in the details.  Those sorts of questions are perfect for a chat-based or offline discussion where you can point people to additional resources/detail
  • Have fun and be creative!

Pre-recorded video format and instructions:

  • Use Zoom or similar capture program to pre-record your lightning talk. These will be available during the entire congress duration, so participants across the globe can view your talk at any time of the day or night.

Recording tips:

  • Put your face into the recording.  Nobody really wants to watch a talk when the speaker is a ghost.  This keeps it personal.
  • Be expressive and pretend you’re talking to a real audience when you make your recording.

All posters and videos will be available in the poster gallery throughout the Congress and can be accessed and viewed by participants at all times.

All poster presenters will receive a link to the abstract portal to upload the material above in the end of week 25, deadline for uploading is July 15.

The posters will be divided into three different sessions, Poster A, Poster B and Poster C.
Each group will have a dedicated session in the program when presenters are asked to be available in the platform for questions from the participants, there will be a possibility to chat and/or have a live presentation, please be sure to have a stable internet and headphones!
Please see instruction video below (the functions live Q&A and live polling will not be used for the ISB Congress)

Poster A – Monday 26 July 10.15 – 11.45

Poster B – Wednesday 28 July 15.45 – 17.15

Poster C – Thursday 29 July 12.45 – 14.15

Each poster will be named by P for Poster, A, B or C for session and a sequence number ie.
PA001, PA002, PA003 etc. and then followed by the poster title PA001 – My abstract title

When preparing the poster, presenters should have in mind the objective of capturing the interest of attendees to the work that is being presented. The quality of the presentation stimulates the attention from the audience and improves the overall satisfaction of the community attending the congress.

The poster message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation.

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