Call for abstracts

We are pleased to announce that the call for abstracts for the XXVIII International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) 2021 Congress is now open. The submission deadline is 31 January 2021. The deadline will not be extended. The congress will be held on 25-29 July 2021 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Please upload your abstract by first creating your profile and using the abstract template on the abstract submission portal.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions at

We look forward to meeting you in July 2021 in Stockholm!

The Organizing Committee for the ISB2021 congress

Conference Topics

1 Artificial intelligence and machine learning
2 Animal & Comparative
3 Balance and posture
4 Biomedical engineering
5 Cellular and molecular
6 Clinical biomechanics
7 Education and outreach
8 Ergonomics
9 Imaging
10 Impact biomechanics
11 Injuries and rehabilitation
12 Locomotion: Clinical gait
13 Locomotion: General
14 Lower extremities
15 Medical devices
16 Methodologies and data analysis
17 Motor control
18 Muscle tissue and architecture
19 Musculoskeletal modeling
20 Orthopaedics: Surgeon guided biomechanics
21 Orthopaedics: Bone & cartilage
22 Orthopaedics: Tendon & ligament
23 Prosthetics and orthotics
24 Rehabilitation and neurorehabilitation
25 Rehabilitation technology: Biorobotics and exoskeletons
26 Running: Biomechanics
27 Running: Footwear
28 Simulation techniques and applications
29 Spine and trunk
30 Sport biomechanics
31 Sports and exercise for persons with impairment
32 Tissue
33 Upper extremity
34 Wireless sensors and wearable devices
35 Other
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